Idea of ​​Rebread at DemoDay Foodtech 2021

Circular economy is not a choice but a necessity

The food industry has a strong impact on the natural environment and climatic conditions. No wonder that the processes of food production, distribution and waste management must be implemented in a maximally sustainable and circular manner.

Currently, the world economy is only 8.8% circular. This means that only 100 billion tons of fossil fuels, metals, biomass and minerals are reused every year. As much as 40% of waste ends up in landfills, although it could be recycled again. The circular economy is a necessity in every industry, which is why the search for new solutions and technologies that will strengthen the circular system is so important.

Combination of technology and the food industry at FoodTech

All over the world, there are responsible companies that include circular solutions in their activities in line with the idea of ​​sustainable development and are constantly looking for new improvements. FOODTECH.AC - an accelerator that combines technology and the food industry - helps this mission. The international discussion panels organized by FOODTECH.AC are a great opportunity to exchange ideas, inspirations and discussions in search of advanced technology and new solutions.

Parallel to the conference, there was an event entitled Demo Day, during which Polish startups, related to the food industry, are presented. It’s a great platform for brilliant concepts, completely new and often surprising ideas that could revolutionize existing solutions are introduced and discussed. In previous editions, among others, the Polish poultry substitute created by the company Zielony Qurczak, or the world's first vegan white bean yoghurt by It'sBean, were presented during the event.

Our activities and the potential of ideas were noticed, which is why we were among the DemoDay panellists at Foodtech 2021 and had the opportunity to present our ideas.

“Our main goal is to save as much unsold bread as possible. We want to create new solutions to turn stale bread from waste into a raw material that can be reused,” said Katarzyna Młynarczyk, who presented the idea of ​​REBREAD.

She showed that bread is a wholesome raw material that can be reused to create new products. We know that also in this case it is possible to maintain the principle of a closed circuit and keep the bread in the production cycle, even when it becomes unfit for consumption.

An example of such a product was our craft spirit, Okowita Krast, presented by Katarzyna.

Among the other panellists of the 4th edition of DemoDay, there were also:

  • Legumi, who designed a mobile search engine for the lowest prices and the fastest delivery in online grocery stores
  • Nielone, a vegetable ground from Poland
  • Poley.Me, who created an autonomous bartending robot that eliminates queues, saves water and increases revenue.

Thanks to events such as DemoDay, new startups get a chance to present their ideas, which often attract the attention of founders and later business partners.