Our goal is to save as much unused bread as possible. We want to create new solutions to save it from being thrown in the rubbish. So that stale bread is transformed from waste to a raw material that can be reused, saving resources, energy and the environment.
Bartłomiej Rak, Katarzyna Młynarczyk
Founders of REBREAD


best practices of 25+ innovative companies that are turning surplus bakery produce into a valuable resource
circular production and sustainable industrialisation ideas for business
a brief analysis of the global scale of wasting bread and its sidestreams for European and New Zealand's markets
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we operate in three areas

We want to solve the global problem of bread waste and scale the solutions to prevent it, that is why we create an ecosystem around this raw material.

scientific research

Our solutions are underpinned by expert knowledge. We carry out our own laboratory research and cooperate with scientific institutions on an ongoing basis.

redistribution of KNow-How

We provide recipes and know-how, share ready-to-use solutions with stakeholders who are interested in the production and use of raw material, also under their own brand. We provide a space for the exchange of knowledge and expert contacts.

Raising consumer awareness

We undertake educational activities, raising consumer awareness. We organise space for consumer communities, engaging them in zero waste activities. We give reach to the fashion of not wasting bread.
Our activities and designed solutions are based on the principles of sustainability and the circular economy.

we focus on open manufacturing

In line with the idea of "DESIGN GLOBAL, MANUFACTURE LOCAL", we share our experience and knowledge so that other entrepreneurs can use them, anywhere in the world.
We create a market for the management of raw materials according to the principles of FOOD WASTE MANAGEMENT HIERARCHY
We facilitate cooperation between raw material suppliers and customers
We provide the KNOW-HOW on how to use this raw material, creating added value for our partners' business

we have a professional background

We cooperate on a permanent basis with the laboratory at the Hugo Kołłątaj Agricultural University
in Cracow, Poland.

expert support

long-term cooperation
"Rebread has been chosen as a finalist and its potential has been highly valued by the Corporate Partners participating this year"

the BIND 4.0 Coordination team

VII edition of the programme in 2022
“We appreciate the innovativeness of the REBREAD idea, the scalability of the project, and its great development potential not only in Poland, but throughout Europe. That is why we decided to support the project by providing financing in the amount of PLN 1,000,000"

dr Tomasz Kaniowski,
President of the Management Board of AUGERE HFF

financial support 2022

Think "RAW", not "WASTE"

The majority of the market treats stale bread as waste. Meanwhile, it is a wholesome raw material. It has only undergone a physical change that excludes it from being an attractive product for the consumer. After appropriate processing (e.g. crushing), waste bread becomes useful for many innovative industrial processes.

What can we make from stale bread?
new breads and tasty snacks
probiotic drinks and breadbucha
umami seasoning and meat substitutes
vegan cosmetics
kraft spirits
biodegradable packaging and biofilament for 3D printing

Why is what we do so important?

The problem of bread wastage is a global and complex issue, and solving it will benefit the economy, the environment and the quality of life standards of many communities.

1 / 3

of the total amount
of food produced is wasted each year in the world

~ 2 billion

people could be fed with food that is thrown in the rubbish every year


of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are caused by food waste


the world's agricultural land is used to produce food that's never consumed
Co-founders of Rebread - read the story on how did the journey begin

It all started with bread baked with love

The story of how REBREAD come to be