We received an award for circular activities

In October we received the title Małopolska Leader 2022 - for caring for the environment and conducting business in accordance with the idea of a closed-loop economy.

This is a great distinction for us, but most of all it proves that what we do is right and necessary.

The GOZ BIZNES Małopolska Leader Competition is aimed at all the entrepreneurs who use the solution to minimise waste and keep the raw materials they use in circulation for as long as possible. The competition is organised by the Malopolska Centre for Entrepreneurship and the Malopolska Region. The ceremony took place last Thursday, 13 October, at the headquarters of the National Bank of Poland in Krakow.

Kapituła, Która Oceniała Wnioski Doceniła W REBREAD Wiele Działań, Które Są Nastawione Na Walkę Z Marnowaniem Żywności M. In:

  • Wykorzystanie Materiałów Pochodzących Z Recyklingu Lub Odzysku,
  • Rozwiązania Z Zakresu Up – Cyklingu,
  • Model Działania Oparty Na Współdzieleniu Się Swoimi Pomysłami Z Innymi Podmiotami,
  • Rezygnację Z Jednorazowych Opakowań I Tworzyw,
  • Działania Ukierunkowane W Myśl „Mój Odpad Twoim Surowcem”.

The award for winning the first place was received by Our Foudera Katarzyna Młynarczyk, co-founder of REBREAD. Diplomas were handed out by Dr Rafał Solecki, Director of the Małopolska Centre for Entrepreneurship, and Joanna Kulczycka, Head of the Closed-cycle Economy Unit of the Institute of Mineral and Energy Economy of the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Gazeta Krakowska, Piotr Rąpalski.

Also on the podium was DEKO EKO B.V. Sp. Z O.O.  which took second place for its circular "Eco Logical Pots" produced from foil waste. - Produced from Plastic Waste, and Third Place was awarded to EcoTech System Sp. Z O.O. For its Incentive Waste Management System.

Winning the award is a great motivation for us to do more, because there is still a lot to do in the field of food waste and we all have a lot of work ahead of us. We are delighted that our work to date has been recognised and congratulate all the other participants!

You can read more about the GOZ Competition "Leader of Małopolska 2022" on the website of Dziennik Polski:
‍Information on the topic also appeared on Małopolska.Pl (read the article) and the Kraków Nasze Miasto portal, where you can find a full gallery of the event (watch the gallery).