AUGERE HFF supports us in the work on the second life of bread

Large-scale research planned

Producing circular products from rescued bread and selling them nationally and internationally goes against our idea of ​​reducing our carbon footprint and raw materials. In addition, we know that in order to solve the global problem of bread waste, appropriate solutions must be introduced systematically, on a large scale and in many places at the same time.

That is why at REBREAD we are focused on research and open manufacturing. We want to share the developed recipes with everyone who wants to save bread from being thrown away. With people just like us.

The wide scope of our project has already resulted in several ready recipes, e.g. for high-proof craft alcohol, circular breads or probiotic drinks.

AUGERE HFF supports us in the work on the second life of bread

Our research will be propelled by financial support from the Augere Health Food Fund, which we received in 2022. Funding under the BRIDGE ALFA program is co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development, whose mission is to help develop innovative projects and create new technologies in the food industry.

“We appreciate the innovativeness of the REBREAD idea, the scalability of the project, and its great development potential not only in Poland, but throughout Europe. That is why we decided to support the project by providing financing in the amount of PLN 1,000,000. The experience and business competences of the REBREAD management team were also a significant argument for starting this cooperation,” says Dr. Tomasz Kaniowski, President of the Management Board of AUGERE HFF.

Thanks to the obtained funds, we will be able to carry out research with, among others, the University of Agriculture in Kraków. We’ll be focused on the development of new recipes, like umami food spices or non-alcoholic beer.

In addition to solutions within the food industry, the area of ​​​​our research also includes cosmetics industry, packaging, biodegradable raw material for 3D printing, and even primers for the production of edible mushrooms.

Other people will be able to benefit from the results of the research

Ultimately, we want all these recipes to be used by other entrepreneurs in different parts of the world. We want the recipes and technologies to be available free of charge to all interested parties: bakeries, production plants and consumers.

“For me, above all, the idea of ​​saving bread is most important. That is why we want to give various entities the opportunity to join this mission and use, often free of charge, the technologies that we’ll develop and make available as part of our project - says Bartek Rak.

Thanks to the financial support, research on products made of saved bread will definitely gain momentum, and the results can be expected much faster. Something that is waste today will be a valuable raw material for the production of wholesome products tomorrow. Thanks to this, bread in many places in Europe will get a second life.

And that’s what it's all about!