from saved bread
you can create revolutionary products


The use of koji mushrooms for food has been known for hundreds of years, and is used to make sake or miso sauces, among other things. It turns out that the raw material of salvaged bread, combined with koji, produces excellent results!

UPCycled food

Koji powder is more than 95% created from salvaged bread and, as an upcycled food product, ranks high in the pyramid that defines the hierarchy for dealing with food waste.

source of alternative proteins

The modern world is frantically searching for meat substitutes. Saved bread combined with koji can be
a valuable protein alternative and an upcycled counterpart to the popular umami-flavored products present in 99% imported from Asia.

rescue is easy

Our research shows that we can get as much
as 600 kg of koji powder from 1 ton
of salvaged bread.