Save precious bread
by turning it into drinks with character

kvass bread drink

A long-standing drink tradition with
a modern zero waste twist.  
The perfect combination to save your bread and quench your summer thirst.

the most important upcycling

High efficiency in the use of raw material - as many as 24,000 0.33-liter bottles of acid can be obtained from one ton of salvaged bread.

A recipe with tradition

Weighed according to the traditional way and from simple local ingredients, without artificial additives, which definitely makes it stand out in the market. The process is easy and very short.

choice of flavors

Bread sour can have different flavors depending
on the ingredients we add to it during production.
Our suggestions in recipes are natural (dry) flavor, mint, turmeric and ginger. However, there can be
many more possibilities.
Tastes like dry champagne


A counterpart to kombucha, but unlike it, breadbucha is made not from tea leaves
but from salvaged bread, a local
and readily available resource

the most important upcycling

Uncomplicated production process and short fermentation time, but most importantly, high yield of saved bread. As many as 24,000 0.33-liter bottles of breadbucha can be obtained from one ton of raw material.


Krast - salvaged bread is a local raw material, so its carbon footprint is lower than that of imported products. Breadbucha fits perfectly into sustainable packaging.

Health from bread

Our research shows that breadbucha from bread has health-promoting properties and is rich in vitamins. It has detoxifying, antibacterial and antifungal properties.