you can save bread
even if you are not in the food business

peeling floura

The properties of KRAST - salvaged, crushed bread make this raw material ideal,
as an ingredient in cosmetics for daily care

good for the environment

KRAST - crumbled, crumbled bread works well
as a substitute for, imported from far away
and often expensive, abrasive materials such
as shells or nut shells, or synthetic
and environmentally damaging ones.

health-promoting properties

Artisan bread even after drying and crusting
retains its health-promoting properties,
antioxidants and vitamins, which enriches
the cosmetic containing KRAST.

High raw material yield

Preparing a scrub according to our recipe, from 1 ton of salvaged raw material, it is possible to prepare 13,500 packages (250 g each) of natural body scrub, in the composition of which salvaged bread makes up as much as 30% (75 g in each 250 g package).