upcycled food is the best direction
in food processing

bread baking mix

According to the pyramid of the food waste hierarchy, new food products, or upcycled food, rank highest among all those results that can be obtained during food processing.

upcycled food or bread made of bread

Bread created from saved bread is the best circular upcycled food solution for this raw material. In our recipes for baking mixes, we have replaced 20-30% of the flour with KRAST - rescued bread. This means less consumption of valuable raw materials, thus significantly reducing baking costs.

Longer shelf life

After conducting research on nutritional value and length of freshness preservation, we know that baked bread with KRAST is just as springy and tasty as bread baked with 100% flour, plus it retains its freshness and shelf life longer even up to 8 days!

High raw material yield

We have verified that 1 ton of artisan bread can yield enough KRAST to bake 10,000 fresh loaves, while reducing the use of flour by 20-30%.